SONA (Start Of New Aspirations)

Today, is the 5th State of the Nation Address (SONA) of our beloved President Benigno Aquino. As I browsed the net, protesters here and there were on the road lamenting their lack of trust to current government. Unsatisfied people tend to blame others instead of looking at themselves on what they can do to contribute to our country’s progress.

I intentionally changed the meaning of SONA into my own personal definition, State of New Aspirations. Everyday, we are bombarded with so much news about status of our country, on articles, clippings, books, television, radio, internet, neighbors, offices and even in our home. So much for all those issues. It’s time to look at ourselves. Look for our purpose in this world. Move on. Think of what lies ahead for everybody’s good instead of criticizing on who and who should be blamed why we remain poor. I believe there’s hope in our country. I’ve been working and exposing myself to social civic works and advocacies. What I found out was that, there is hope in our country. We can not just lay our dreams to whoever is the leader. I remember this very famous poem “INVICTUS” by William Ernest Henly. During my secondary schooling, we were required to memorize and recite it in front with action as part of our grading in recitation. Yeah, to make the story short..i did it! I memorized those from the very first line up to the end. But if you’re gonna ask me to recite it now…we’ll sorry hehe. Anyway, what stocked most in my heart were the last two lines :
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

Truly. We are the masters of our fate and captains of our soul. Nobody can help ourselves but our self. As for me, I am aspiring for a peace of mind. And what will this peace of mind meant to me? To have a loving husband, successful children, making money without stepping on people and sharing my blessings with people around me…

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