NBI Proccesing Experienced

Yesterday, I was able to process my NBI clearance, part of my requirements for job application abroad. The experience yesterday was different from what I had last 2011, my last issued NBI clearance. Oh! It’s been two years!

Anyway, it goes like this.
I alarmed my clock at around 3am, that’s when typhoon Henry came to Philippines Area of Responsibility. As I peep outside, it was raining heavily. But I was very persistent to push through with my application. So in the middle of cold and rain, I stepped out. I arrived at Quezon City Hall around 5am. To my surprise, a large number of people were already there! How come! It was too early! Some of them took a sleep overnight there just to get the slots first.


To all who are about to apply for their NBI clearance, follow the steps.
1. Apply first online before going to any NBI issuing centers by visiting

2. Prepare to go to any NBI centers as early as you can to be included on their everyday cut-off. (250 online applicant, 250 for the walk-in)
It is but advantage to apply first online because you will skip now the Step 1 which is the Filling-out of Forms. You will be then directed to Payment window.

3. After paying of 115.00, you will be directed to the next window for photograph and thumb marks. If your name has “NO HIT”, congratulations! You may now claim your Clearance. But if ” WITH HIT”, unfortunately you are advice to come back for one week.

4. The last step, claim your price!

Everybody is advice to bring large amount of patience and strong bones for knees for you will be forming long-line in every step.

To my dismay, I noticed some inefficiency on the part of the management of QC Cityhall NBI Center. I just don’t know with the other offices. I mentioned that yesterday was typhoon Henry’s arrival. Pity to those who fall in line outside because they cannot be accommodated inside the center. Also, my sympathy to those already inside. I don’t know who long it was already happening every rainy day comes.


As we can see, the waiting area was roofed by plastic water-proof sheeting primarily used in agriculture (trapal). It was improperly mantled. So the tendency was, the water-dripped through every rainy day. Of course, how inconvenient it was to the constituents..to the taxpayers..to the poor applicants…! Do the management look into this?? Isn’t it that National Bureau of Investigation is the supposed agency investigating the abused ones? How come they themselves in their office cannot properly addressed this issue?? Haaaaay…the poor governance…

Anyway, I was able to finish my transaction at around almost 10am. That’s how tedious the processing was! I’m still thankfull that my name is unique. Was able to get it in just a day!

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