Until when?

Just found myself in the corner, curved myself, embrased nothing but pillow…crying again. So much pain inside and out! My supposed-to-be-inspiration to continue life came drunk. Same as usual, I am already asleep when he came, took advantage of his manhood forcing me to give him pleasure. I was so tired the whole day work. He did nothing but drunk all day. Until when will I stay with this man? with this useless and hopeless man? For almost 7 years we’ve been together as much as possible i want to save our relationship. Should I pity myself for allowing him hurt me physically, emotionally?? Or should I be proud because amidst all this..I surpassed the 7 years of struggle until I got used to it? I grew up in a very family-oriented environment that’s why as much as I can bear the sacrifice for the sake of family..I will! But until when will I hold on to this principle?? How many women out there experiencing this kind of life??

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