Mistaken Identity

It was a rainy afternoon yesterday when I hurriedly turned off my computer, packed my things and went out. While on my way home, I decided to drop by in the convenient store and bought some groceries. When I was already at the counter, the cashier asked me “yes sir?? ano po sa inyo?? (what’s yours? ). I looked behind me to confirm if it was really me she was referring or the one behind me. But the person behind me was a lady! I stared at the cashier and when our eyes met, she immediately said “ay! mam pala!”. Gosh! I never imagined myself being a guy?? I am definitely a woman.! Couldn’t she saw my lipstick?? my earings?? Was it because I was wearing a jacket and i will immediately be noted as Sir?? Amf!!Actually, that was not the only incident where I was mistakenly addressed as sir..tsk..tsk.!

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