Am i crazy? Falling In Love..??

I wish  I had never met you.  I just don’t know what to say actually.  For few weeks we’ve been together, it created a strange feeling on me every time our eyes met. Am I just becoming immature? Assuming?? Geeehh! I almost lost myself every time I think of you. Mr. cupido is really playful huh!  Anyway, I’ll go with the play if that’s what you want :). Amidst all this, I still thanked God for allowing me felt this.  He made me realize how important it is to love and to be loved.  The sad thing was, I am committed already to someone when you came.  I just can’t believe it that there is still  the possibility to fall in love to someone in a very limited time.  I don’t know.  What I only knew was that I am happy when I am with you.  But things didn’t go accordingly.  I need to stop this fantasy and just live the reality.  Thanks for the memories left behind.  Someday, our roads may cross again and if that time comes, I am pretty sure I already have the courage to tell you this story….our story..

R emembering your sweet smiles
H ides the pain I have inside
O h how I wish I am with you
D oing crazy things as we used to

E very night and day I wonder why
R estless heart do always try
I ‘ll take the pain, if it’s the prize
C o’z secretly loving you is always right

N ow I want you to know, how I feel for you
D o you feel, the same way too?
O ne day, you’ll see and know
M y earth, my sun, my everything is you

I ‘ll treasure forever, the moment I met you
N ot even months or years, will I ever forget you
G od knows getting over this feeling will not be easy
O nly the future can tell, when I am are ready


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