Passing the Civil Service Examination


My last post was about  my preparation for the Civil Service Examination. But actually, since I graduated in college with Honor (Cumlaude) I should not need to take this examination instead, apply for the PD 907 intended for Honor graduate eligibility to apply. On my personal level, I wanted to experience the challenge of taking the examination. Anyway, this post was supposedly done a month of November last year but due to very heavy schedule, I was not able to update my posts. I continue blogging on my tablet. Will just copy it here.  Anyway, here how it goes..

As I was surfing the net this afternoon, I came across the Civil Service Comission website.  I remember that today is the 47th day after the examination.  According the agency, we will know the result 45 days after October 13 and as I counted those days, it fell on November 26 which is my birthday!  Passing the this examination would mean that I will be legible enough to work in the government offices.  Oh God! I was so nervous as i clicked the OCTOBER  13, 2013 PROFESSIONAL AND NON-PROFESSIONAL CIVIL SERVICE EXAM PASSERS.  It took some minutes before the link totally opened.  Butterflies in my stomach began to rumble!  Slowly and nervously, I scrolled down the names beginning with letter “A” s.  Then jarannnnn!!! I almost fell on my chair and shouted fro a ” YES!!” I made it!! I scrutinized again the list to make sure that it was really my name and alas! that was it!  I began sharing this goodnews to my friends and mentors and I received a lot of congratulations!  Passing this very tough exam was really beyond my expectation.  Actually, I was not that confident enough to open up conversation about this examination to anybody because I was really in doubt and afraid to know whether I can pass it or not.  I almost had this feeling of  ” bahala na”.  But you know, God really works in mysterious ways. Just trust and have faith in Him all the time!!


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