I often see this quote by Winston Churchill (during WW II) in magazines, articles, newspapers even in social networking sites.  I have this hesitation in mind whether to pursue my enrollment in UP-MBA for school year 2014. I really wanted to take this higher degree of education.  And now probably is the time to plan..to move..to pursue it! Time flies so fast, that I didn’t realize it’s almost 5 years since I graduated college.   I am proud,happy and contented for my current job, it’s nature, the advocacy, the bosses and the trainings. But as they say, we are created in this world to grow, to maximize God’s given talent and opportunities to us. This is my plan.  It’s now or never. May God intercedes in me.

Just finished calling Ms. Ida of UPCBA confirming if I can go there now and pay for the GMAT even my requirements are not yet complete and  it turned positive! As of now, what i have here are my TOR, B-certificate and 2×2 picture.  Still, composing what to say to my employer to request for a recommendation letter and certificate of employment. Special thanks ahead to Dra. Limpin.   I know, she’s that very supportive to her staff’s growth both personally and professionally.   Whow!  butterflies in my stomach are beginning to rumble! Mixed emotions are encroaching me now.. excited, afraid, hesitant, worried!
EXCITED because I can feel, this is it! Few steps more for the goal.

AFRAID because I might not make it to pass the exam..(be positive!  do some review)

HESITANT because I don’t know who will be my classmates,..they might be intelligent people (there’s a saying..just be yourself )

WORRIED because I am not sure yet on where to get financial support all throughout my MBA journey..(God will provide)

Thay say that Friday-13th is a bad  premonition.  Well, I can feel that today is my lucky day!!! Here I come UP!


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