Yesterday, after office worked, I decided to go out of the office and walked around to grasp some fresh air, crazily dreaming and hoping that I might get a peso bill along the street. What a poor day! Literally no money for today. I was very much frustrated and suffocated for what happened to me this past few days. Feeling exhausted, I decided to visit the Sacred Heart Parish here in Quezon City, attended mass. I knelt down,  prayed deeply ..offered to Him all the heartaches I had that day, entrusting my whole self to Him. I can’t bear it anymore! Why me? Why all these things happening to me?  Warm droplets from my eyes flow slowly. I tried to control it, tried to hide it..but the pain inside goes deeper..When the mass was about to end, I suddenly felt my phone vibrating (i put it in a silent mode) so I went out and answered the phone. What a surprise call from my older friend Kuya Juan Strelles, my co-town mate! I was so happy to hear inspiring words coming from my spiritual brother and who was once my rescuer financially. I smiled that God really hears my prayer.

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